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Q: Who are you?

A: Two guys, Simon and Timmy, who sometimes play the right songs at the right times while always in the right mood in the right place. Left.


Q: What do you play?

A: Anything that catches our fancy. Our main tastes lies in funk, hiphop and Danish folk music. We never play Pitbull.


Q: What kind of giggs do you take on?

A: Parties, weddings, warm-ups, bar mitzvahs. the right kinds of funerals, tax audits.


Q: All right, tough guys. How much?

A: Make us an offer! We’re affordable and do this mainly as our favourite recreation, but we advice you to tip generously for a night’s good, clean fun.


Q: Who’s the dog?

A: Magda Ouaf Ouaf. She’s kind of our director. Exactly like your dog, add some awesomeness, and you’ve got our top dog.


Q: Is that Stalin’s face as your logo? Can I buy it?

A: No, that’s certainly not some weak-ass dead guy. That’s a living legend of Gothenburg, an actual (tired word) boss of all things known and unknown. We cherish him greatly. And also, there’s an awkward ass story behind our moniker in combination with said myhtical man, so it’s the perfect logo. As for buying it… we have a shop.


Q: Who took the awesome pictures?

The good ones with Magda, Daniel Wirgård. A very talented, sympathic Gothenburg-based (but willing-to-travel) photographer. His work is priceless, yet affordable!


Q: Do you even lift?

So, sadly, no.


Q: Favourite TV-shows?

 A: Archer and the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan.


Q: Idols?

A: More like Patron Saints: Michael Jordan, Dolph Lundgren and the Devil.


Q: Greatest actor without an Oscar?

A: Terry Crews. Just watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Or that clip.


Q: Biggest fear?

A: Somebody asking us to play at a Pitbull-party. We never turn down giggs, but it’s Pitbull and we never play Pitbull, but we never turn down giggs… ad infinitum.


Q: What’s with the youtube-stuff?

A: We’re kind of obsessed with media. We take in songs from several different sources, and we watch and talk a lot in terms of youtube and memes. To understand what we’re exactly saying, we’ve put in a glossary! Like a Rosetta Stone for Typ din chef – isn’t that nice?


Q: If this doesn’t take off, what’s your backup career?

A: Designing Japanese Game Shows. We already have one pinned down: “The things we do for the worm – the Nesting Bird Edition“. We let several unique nesting birds who display their affection for a potential partner make their individual nests from a bunch of random stuff, then have the contestant bird choose! Like an advanced bachelor, with real, authentic  beauties. You heard it here first.


Do you have a question you think we might want to solve? Send us a mail or leave it in the comments!