French bulldogs!

TDC – Typ din chef is a Swedish enterainment duo, turning a pinpoint operation in the suburbs of Mölndal: Gothenburg.

Our main forte and raison d’etre is DJ:ing – We have DJ:d in museums, boats, trams, a castlecellars, Villasconcert venues, goth cavespyjamas, cafésstudent unions, parks (legally!), on top of mountains and come this summer, on a bike.

We believe in participation and leading by example. We do not hide in booths. We engage. We dance to what we play, and we party with whom we party for, unless otherwise specified. We even stream live for your grandma if she’s come down with the cold – we believe in loving your grandma’s very much.

If you want a) Simon, an affordable public health science major slash internet lexicon slash and b) Timmy, a medical student with his feet in Africa studies and electronics, to c) get your party started, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And if you like the well-done photographs that linger here and in our design, contact Daniel Wirgård. From here on out, all the rest of our images are amateur arts.